Tuesday, October 26, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 43

Appropriate for this week, my list is favourite Halloween memories.

This is a TH embossing folder, on white cardstock. I used a variety of distress inks and sponges to add colour. The skeleton, which picked up too many dark colours for my liking, got a bit of brightness from a white shimmery dabber. This image was attached to a piece of scrap cardboard, gessoed black.

Originally, I was going to list all of the costumes I had worn over my many Halloweens, but I could only recall those from childhood of which photos exist. An Indian! But I do have many memories of Halloweens past. Trudging through snow over many Halloweens, stuffing grey sweatsuits with muscle material to be Hans, Franz and Bonz, with Bonnie and Tracey. Photos exist of that also. Somewhere.

Even though I can't remember as many details as I would like, I remember Halloween always being fun!

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  1. I did an entry in my ROD journal about this.
    As a kid, the most fun we would have was taking field corn (shucked, of course) and running through the neighborhood at night...tossing a handful at the windows or onto the porches. Harmless, but fun.
    Soaping windows (with a bar of soap) was especially cool when people were sitting right there in their living rooms, not noticing we were scribbling on their big picture windows. :)
    Be still, my heart..as we scampered away as fast as we could.