Friday, August 19, 2011

An Unexpected Trip Up a Mountain

We left Munich heading south, with no final destination other than Italy in mind. Before long, we were in the mountains. When you grow up in the prairies of Manitoba and live in the relatively flat, though nicely rolling hills of Pennsylvania, mountains take your breath away. At least they do mine. I go snap happy, not caring about the dirty windshield I'm shooting through. These images, these memories, are for me.

Gorgeous, isn't it? We saw many of these shacks in one area, with big woodpiles nearby. Not sure what they're for.

Paraglider, hanglider, whatever you call it.

Our decision to stop for lunch was cuz we saw a cable car heading up a mountain and wanted to check it out. One of those spontaneous decisions that paid off. It was the Karwendal cable car that took us up 2244 metres. All for the family rate of 44 euro. Not bad!


Another photo for Nick to share with Flyers fans.

Check it out. There's even an oom pa pa band at the top.

My handsome mountain man.

Nick had to prove it wasn't cold at the top. But it was cold at the top! We certainly weren't dressed for it. The downside of spontenaity.

We hiked along this trail, a bit treacherous for the 3 of 4 of us in flip flops!

It was worth it for the view.

While achtung means respect, that's the only translation I could get.

Our chilly toes. This is why people were smiling and staring. Obviously they had all planned this trip, in their long pants, hiking footwear, and some of them even had walking sticks. To them, we looked ridiculous!

A quick ride back down the mountain and our toes quickly thawed.

Now that was fun!

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