Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Hurricane Birthday

All summer, I had believed I would be celebrating my 49th birthday in Paris. And right up until 4 days before my birthday, that was the plan. But because we came home early due to the unplanned occurences in our last week in France, the celebration would be in Oreland. The day Hurricane Irene was scheduled to settle into our area. My how plans have a way of changing!

Marc and I went out for breakfast, just the two of us. He was craving a steak, egg and cheese bagel, and I figured I could have an egg mcmuffin. On the way home we grabbed Starbucks coffees, something that we had enjoyed very little of over the summer. Neither of us are fans of French coffee.

Gaby baked and frosted red velvet cupcakes on Friday. I wasn't allowed in the kitchen at all!

And she made sure I blew out my candles while Claire was over.

Then the focus shifted from celebrating me, to celebrating the weather, once the rain started.

After six weeks of dining out, I was so thrilled to be back home and cooking in my own kitchen. Even on my birthday. But I let Marc do the honours on the grill. Besides, the rain was well underway by dinnertime!

Yummy food and a toast. No, we didn't get enough of the champagne in France. (It was much better there too!)

My focus shifted to the weather. The rain just kept coming. and thankfully, the sump pump just kept running in the basement. When high winds are a part of the forecast, I never mind the kids falling asleep downstairs. We have a lot of big trees in our yard, and well, I'm not the only person I who does this. I have several friends and acquaintances who keep their kids on the main floor during high winds.

There were also a couple of tornado warnings just after 11 p.m. And the power went out for , oh, perhaps 10 seconds. But that was enough for me to make sure there were tealights lit in most of the rooms in the house.

(See Marc sleeping on the couch -- not a care!)



It appears I was the only one concerned about the rain, possibility of flooding, high winds and tornados. No one else lost any sleep over it!

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