Tuesday, August 31, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 35

Every week I say I've got to get some summer photos posted here, and every week I just barely get my list posted. I have been busier with my Lemonade Blog -- that's my excuse!

The kids start school one week from today, so perhaps then I'll just do a summary of summer post. We'll see.

In the meantime, this week's list is favourite magazines.

I've been saving a lot of interesting looking packaging, as well as just flat stuff. This is flat stuff, from MM mini letters. Used an edge punch from SU to dress it up, mod podge to adhere bits of Stampington magazine images and some cool paper that Marc just brought back from Japan. He returned with some gift wrapped green tea. I was as intrigued with the wrap and tape as I was with the contents!

A bit of paint here and there. Cut out the letters freehand,  for the word magazine, from more of those Stampington magazine images, edges the pieces before I attached them, stamped 'favorite' and the bug using paint rather than ink. The 'favorite' stamp is SU and is coming in handy for these lists, and the bug is a Tim stamp. Those bits of silver tape with Japanese characters are also from the green tea wrap. All of the paint I used was the Adirondack dabbers.

More Tim stamps for the back. A pretty boring list. I often read what's been left in the bathroom. Golf magazines, Rolling Stone, and yes, the AARP magazine they send monthly. Marc is 52 so can be a member, and as his spouse, I can too. Aaahh, the benefits of age!!

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