Wednesday, January 20, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 More Mini Art Journalling

Now that I'm blogging, I've got to get caught up with one of my reasons for blogging -- posting prompts for this year's challenge.

I participated in Emily Falconbridge's 52Q challenge last year and loved it. Still have the last 4 to go, but I plan to finish them up. It was so much fun, creating art and answers for the questions she would pose each week. Sharing them in the flickr group she set up here was even more fun. It was a place to be inspired and make new friends. Emily and her family made a big move last year, and a third babe joined their family, so we didn't expect her to continue with another challenge for the new year.

At the same time, I started thinking about what to do for 2010. Last year, I picked up a couple of Listography books for Gaby and myself. They are awesome! Check them out  here  Instead of just filling out my book, I thought it would be fun to start a weekly art journalling project with friends, using these list ideas as our starting point. But I couldn't figure out how we could possibly all get together every week. So why not start another group online for the new year? I checked with Emily, as I didn't want to do something so similar without her OK. And I emailed Lisa Nola, the author of the Listography books. Both were fine with the idea, and so here we are with 52 Lists for 2010.

It was past the beginning of the new year, and the first Monday of the year, before I got started. Late and blogless, I set up the Flickr group 52 Lists for 2010 More mini art journalling, emailed a few friends, and posted prompts on FB. Now that I have a home for the prompts I can get caught up here.

Check back for a new list prompt on Mondays.

List 1 Your happy list for 2010

List 2 The things you'd save if your home was on fire

List 3 The countries you've visited

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  1. What an amazing idea - I'm a huge fan of the list so I'm definitely making one of these!!