Sunday, January 24, 2010


Evidence that Marc has returned from his 9 days in PR:

He always returns from his travels with a variety of toilet articles -- soap, shampoo and conditioner are the most common. We haven't bought a bar of soap in years! And there are always groups collecting these types of items, for soldiers, shelters, so we can put to good use these many-more-than-we-will-ever-use!

Evidence that Nick came out to cheer Gaby on at one of her basketball games:

A bit easier when the start time is 11:30! But we did go to Lowes for 10 and built a tic tac toe game, and then joined the Blankemeyers at our new favourite, The Corner Bakery. Nick was actually up first on Saturday morning, the only day he could sleep in this week! It always seems to happen that way.

Evidence, that Gaby played basketball this weekend:

In the first photo her form is rather impressive, but she didn't sink that shot. She did sink a couple of others. Can't say that they won. No scorekeeping in this league. The teams were evenly matched and both played well. Gaby went home with her friend Ashton for the afternoon. I swapped out kids, as after picking up Gab and having dinner, Nick was off to the School of Rock for the Southern Rock show. They finished their evening at Friendly's, where they order ice cream year round. Even in January, when the weather is below zero. Ooops, I should say below freezing! Below zero here IS cold!

We're so happy to have Dad home!

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