Saturday, January 23, 2010

December Daily 2009 Done!

Done, photographed, uploaded to Flickr and DD 09 group. So I'm really done!

I do love doing an album like this. Last year's was a kit, which was great, but I loved drawing from my stash to complete this year's book. If you want to take a look at the entire completed book, check it out here

And check out my fancy photo studio set up.
I tried several times to photograph the finished book indoors, and just couldn't get it right. So I dragged two leaves from the dining room table into the 33 F mid morning weather, and snapped away. Better light.

Gaby and I spent tonight (Friday) at her school's Family Fun Night Beach Party. She loved it. Quite a few of her friends were there. Nick and his friends started up their Fiesta Fridays once again, after a lengthy hiatus. And Marc is still enjoying the golf weather in PR.

I stayed up to catch the last episode of Conan hosting The Tonight Show. He spoke quite eloquently, from the heart. I'm definitely a fan of Conan the man. And who knew he was also a rock star?!

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