Monday, September 20, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 38

Still drawing on my Listography book, this week's list is actually supposed to be  past schools or classes that I have attended. I chose to make it just schools, though I did add a few of the fun classes that I've taken over the years, at the end. Mine: Schools I have attended.

Marc has been working on a project located in Japan, and had some blueprints that he was done with. They're more colourful than what he usually works with, and of course, the writing is all in Japanese. I thought these were pretty cool and something I could use. I promised to use discretion,  though because I can't actually read Japanese, I don't really know what part I shouldn't use.

For this, I used a piece of the blueprint that covered the entire side. Bits of sticky notes and some blue and white paint, then spelled out most of the list name with some MM letters. The letters were all picked up on sale at one time or another. I do like the ledger letters, but I certainly know why the black felt ones were on sale: peeling them off the backing makes them lose their shape completely. A bit of a pain to use. SU letter stamps finished it up.

Another Paris type of sticky note, 7Gypsies expression sticker, and an SU owl punch. One punch with all of these shapes. Pretty cool. Same blue and white acrylic paint.

These are the schools I can remember attending, full time and part time. And where I took classes both academic and just for personal interest. Most places offer evening and weekend classes and utilize local schools. I remember taking pottery and  Ukrainian classes at my high school, before I attended there as a high school student. Took Spanish for travel at U of W, and French, to brush up after Marc and I began dating, at CSB.

Being an ignorant Canadian, I didn't realize until I moved from Canada, that education is subsidized to the degree that it is, for its citizens. I had really thought that after moving to PA I could continue taking special interest courses and perhaps pursue more in the way of higher education. But I couldn't justify taking classes just for the heck of it and shelling out 4 or 5 times more than what I had in the past. My Canadian employer also had a generous remimbursement program, provided good grades were achieved.

So since moving here, my school attendance and participation has been more of the PTA variety. But I'm not complaining. Its all good.

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