Tuesday, November 9, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 45

This week's list is of my closest friends.

Marc returned from Japan on Saturday, bearing gifts. With a layover in TO, he brought Nick a Team Canada Jersey. There was also an Aero bar, but I'm not sure who that went to. Marc confessed he didn't see anything that he thought Gaby would like. She was fine with that. For me, he brought a small teapot, for brewing green tea. I'll have to get a photo.

The tea pot travelled protected in a box, which I took apart for this list. The lid of the box became the base for List 45. I punched the hearts from the packing paper inside. The sticker and tape were also part of the packaging. The tab is from Kaiserkraft, the stamp is TH, and I sponged on a bit of colour. I also used the red distress ink on the hearts.

The heart on this side was punched from the paper that the teapot box arrived wrapped in. The tag on the bottom is also Kaiserkraft.

I used my own categories to come up with this list. The first group of names is friends in Winnipeg, except for Trac, who moved south to Texas 11 years ago. Jan, Carla, and Sandy have been friends since we were in kindergarten. That's over 40 years!

The second group of names is PA friends. I've been so fortunate to establish wonderful friendships since we moved here. I was apprehensive about moving, having lived in Winnipeg since birth. But leaving Canada and settling here, made me realize there are good, no great, people everywhere.

I considered adding names based on a third group, which would be my cyber friends. But I wasn't sure in some cases if the feeling was mutual. I thought if they read their names on my list, they'd fear I was stalking them!  So I stuck to friends I've been able to hug for real.

For now.


  1. HAHAHA!!! I know this whole cyber world is quite weird isn't it - feels real, but it... isn't... but it... is.... hahaha

    LOVE the chunky dark grungy texture here - yummo!

    And in answer to your nanowrimo question - I'm not actually doing that this year, I cant believe it's november already! I did it last year (it is a great idea and got me writing more than I ever have before) and are finishing the book that I started then. Over 110,000 words now and almost done! Its a nerdy book and I love it! So much! Nerd that I am hahahaha

  2. PS I was just talking to Emily and she said that you are amaaaaaazing....
    PPS We are planning a art getaway to bali next July..... interested :) :) :)