Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween Weekend

This year, our Halloween weekend kicked off with the Halloween parade and parties at Gaby's school.

A diverse group of costumes. Gaby's the big baby. Can you spot her? She was thrilled to have a reason for me to finally say yes to purchasing the footy pyjamas at Target!

By the time the parade is done, there's not much time left for  partying. Lots of food and a quick game of wrap the mummy!

Friday evening we headed to the Lancaster area, an almost 2 hour drive, to visit Jason's Woods. We had been several years ago, when Manon was here. Gaby was obviously a little young to be scared over and over by a variety of creepy people/creatures jumping out at her. She and I spent a lot of time drinking hot chocolate and hot apple cider while the others enjoyed the rest of the attractions. But this year, she was excited and looking forward to it.

Nick brought 2 friends, Jess and Lee. While Gaby wanted to, we decided against that. If we go again in another 5 years, she can bring them then!

Doesn't look scary, but it was!

I might have felt safer had Marc sat beside me rather than across from me! The girl sitting two people over from Marc kept jumping clear across to the other side every time someone approached their side. There were chain saws, Freddys, Jasons, Beetlejuices, werewolves and a few other creepy characters. Gaby did much better this time 'round. On our side, those creepy characters seemed to be attracted to Jess first!

No matter what the fall festivities, its all about the food. Love that they had funnel cakes!

Nick and his friends got the deluxe tickets for 9 attractions, while Marc, Gaby and I opted for 5. So we had time to eat, while they finished up. The older kids didn't miss out though -- they picked some munchies for the ride home. The soft pretzels were pretty amazing too!

We didn't too much Halloweeny stuff Saturday. After a faraway soccer game for Gab and rehearsal for Nick, the rest of the day was spent readying for Sunday. We  always have friends over for dinner before the kids and Dads head out. I make at least 4 kinds of soup, and our friends bring beer, wine, bread and dessert. One of these years, I'll remember to get food and grown up photos. But not this year!

Sunday afternoon Kate and her beautiful daughter dropped by for a Halloween hello. It's the 1st Halloween for our neighbor's first granddaughter.

Two beauties!

Our guests were encouraged to come over anytime after 4. Being Sunday, there wasn't as much rushing to get the kids fed and out the door. It was nice to relax a bit.

The Dads took the girls out this year. Gaby SO wants to go out on their own. Maybe next year!

Nick and Jess. Now they're allowed to go out on their own. About Nick's costume: we're really not sure what he is. We called him a moldy-faced creature.

And my favourite:

We're samers! Since shaving my head last summer, my friend Elizabeth and I kept saying we should get a photo of her daughter and me, since we were sporting similar hairstyles! Now to see who's hair grows faster!!

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