Monday, November 15, 2010

And the 'Winners' Are . . .




Personally, I sometimes feel a bit guilty posting a comment on a blog I don't visit regularly, just to have a chance at a giveaway, though if it's something I REALLY REALLY want, I can put that guilt out of my mind!

So I thought rather than drawing from commenters (which might have ended up being only these three!) I would choose those who have been regular visitors and commenters. Thinking it should be 'commentor', but I checked, and there's only one 'o' for the definition I'm after.

Actually, Stacy doesn't leave many comments here, and nor do I on her blog. We communicate with fairly regular comments on flickr.

I mailed the packages Friday, and based on the zones assigned to each package, I figured Julie should receive hers first, then Stacy, and last would be Jasmine, the farthest away from me. So I was surprised when I got an email from Jasmine to let me know that she had received the package today. Faster than I expected.

Thanks to the three of you for making this blogging journey more fun!.

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