Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Art Journaling for February

The last half of February was all about our French exchange student, Julien. He arrived on the 16th, a Wednesday, and we headed to DC on the Friday, which was the start of a 4 day weekend for President's Day. During their two week visit, the French students had several excursions to Philly and NYC, so we thought Washington would be a good choice for the weekend. That's how my pages for this week ended up so very red, white and blue!

On my gessoed foundation, I used some Golden Fluid acrylics left from a Donna D class I had taken before Christmas. Quinacridone Crimson and Turquois (Phthalo) to be exact. The stars were painted with the same turquois (tough to spell it without the 'e'!), outlines with a white Sharpie, and then India ink. I used the white sharpie and India ink for most of the journaling, except for the blue and red. That was done with FC's Pitt Artist Pens, brush tip. AC Moore has been carrying them, so, with a 50% coupon, I picked up a couple of assorted packs. I think I mentioned before how I like that the colour stays fairly true on my backgrounds.
The rest of the page has bits of stuff from the weekend, like the room card envelope from the hotel, and, from a restaurant we had lunch at, a bit of the paper used to wrap the cutlery and napkin. The heart was punched from a coffee sleeve and dabbed with some white acrylic paint.  The red patterned tape is from a roll gifted to me by Stacy, my dear Flickr buddy!

My page for the last week of February was definitely created with Julien in mind! It didn't take long to realize that turquoise blue was one of his favourite colours, at least to wear. He brought a couple of shirts in this colour/shade, and purchased a couple more when he was here. So I knew my background would be that same blue that I used last week.

Not much else to explain here. I took Julien's baggage tag from his trip here, and a tag from a pair of jeans he purchased, and included both. The photo is from the 21st, Julien's 15th birthday. It was fun to celebrate his birthday with him, and even better that his birthday fell on the Monday of President's Day weekend, so the kids had no school. He's wearing a Flyers shirt in the photo, which is NOT blue, cuz that was one of his birthday gifts! And he's wearing Gaby's birthday hat, because he's a good sport! All of the journaling and doodling is with India ink and the FC Pitt markers.

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  1. Wow Sherri - your journaling is just wonderful! I love the combination of colors used.