Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Art Journaling for March

Catching up with a couple of week's worth of Art Journaling. During the second week of March, I've been doing some painting for Emily's online class, Got Paint. Had this green leftover, so I decided to use it for this week's pages. We were also stamping with paint. That's where the blue flowers came from, and I added the colour with SU watercolour crayons. This was also the week that Starbucks officially introduced their new logo, and the sleeve worked well on the green background, as did the bracelet from Gaby's school's talent show. The Asian lady is part of a glassine bag from Chinese takeout we had for supper Sunday. Coloured her with FC Pitt markers. Used fine black for the journaling.

Should have saved the green for this week, with it being St. Patrick's Day Thursday! Nick and Gaby got into the green, picking up some items at the dollar store to enhance their outfits for school that day.

These pages were first gessoed, then burnt sienna acrylic. I stamped off some colour using the cut out bottom of a styrofoam meat tray. It had a cool grid pattern, so I saved it for something just like this! I also added a bit of blue paint using the same styrofoam 'stamp'. I like the way it looks.

The Chinese Proverb is a quote I was using to make a card for someone special. I still need to practice 'writing with paint' so I made two backgrounds. Just in case. I used textured cardstock and a bamboo background stamp. After the painted words dried, I used a white Chinese laundry pencil, and have Julie to thank for that. She mentioned it in a recent blog post, and I added it to a Dick Blick order I was ready to place. Love it! Thanks Julie!!

I had also made a green background for a birthday card, and used the scraps to punch hearts to make a shamrock to recognize this St. Patrick's Day week. The hands are rubs ons from Dove of the East. Not sure if Dove of the East is still around. I do love these rub ons and should use them more. The little blue leafy piece is punched from paper that I had covered in masking tape and then painted. Another technique from Emily. Studio G mini alpha stamps for the Rita's title and FC Pitt markers for the rest.

And this is the second attempt at the Chinese Proverb, that was made into a card. The only difference between this and the first one is that I used a Pitt marker to write at the bottom, and I added some white scribbles with that wonderful white pencil!


  1. Beautiful stuff! Love that green one a lot!

  2. Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm glad to have you on board for April! :)