Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some February Art Journaling

It is now March. I realize that I posted once in February. ONCE! So much for my goal of ,at the very least, posting weekly about my art journaling. I have a great excuse, which will be explained at great length in a post to follow shortly. Our French exchange student, Julien, with us for the last two weeks, returned to France Wednesday. Yesterday, though since I haven't slept yet, for me, he left us this morning. We had so much fun with him and are so sad that he's gone.

While I've again done a fair job of journaling regularly, photographing and sharing it has fallen to the bottom of my to do list.

Here's a couple of my pages for February:

I covered these pages with gesso, as I've been doing with most of my pages. I've been starting out with a coat of paint most weeks, and be it water colour or acrylic, I prefer to paint over the gesso. On these pages, when the gesso was still wet, I carved out the heart shapes using the handle end of a paint brush. The hearts were all painted using water colours and some water colour crayons. I glued a few bits down and used India ink to outline and journal and dot.

This is an idea I've had brewing for awhile. Ha ha, brewing! Read on and you'll understand why I think I'm so clever! These two pages are covered with the tags from Yogi brand tea bags. They have a variety of inspiring and uplifting words and sayings, and I'd never been able to dispose of them. I've saved them for awhile, but never been sure what to do with them. Displaying them here, I can enjoy them and even refer to them for quotes on other pieces.

This is a rare, non-gessoed spread. I knew I was covering most of the pages with these tags, so I didn't see it necessary to gesso. Though I do prefer the look of the paint on the gesso -- this one looks a bit dull to me. I watercoloured the pages , adhered the tags, and dabbed more watercolours on each tag. India ink for a bit of journaling for the week.

Promise to share more before April!!


  1. Your journal is seriously getting yummy!
    And I love your new banner - what a fantastic photograph! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous stuff, Sherri! I especially love the tea tag one!

  3. I am wild about what you did with the tea tags. I made a page that I am quite unhappy with, because I left no white space between. I used cookie fortunes. I need to re-journal it, taking a clue from you!