Monday, March 8, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 10

For this week,  list the pets you've had and their names. Fun to think back on this one!

Growing up, pets were scarce in our household. My parents grew up on farms and believed that animals belong inside. They still do, so I know they must love us, putting up with our big dog when they visit! We started small, going from fish to turtles. I think the hamsters came next. They were cute and fun, but got lost in the house on more than one occasion. Thumper the bunny was the biggest pet we ever had growing up. She lived in her hutch outside, until one day my Dad checked on her and found her frozen solid. We're not sure if it was the Winnipeg winter that took her, or that she just died of natural causes. But she was the last pet we had at home.

Since then, a cat and several dogs. Sorry Marc, but I didn't include Mollie the sheepdog here. We all know she was your dog, and made it quite clear she didn't want to live with me. Especially when you weren't around. I'll never forget, being 4 months pregnant and having to maneuver around her strategic droppings (and we're not talking rabbit size pellets here!) in the dark. We know she always did it for me. Now, Marc was her third owner, so she was a bit traumatized. But definitely difficult to live with!

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