Sunday, March 28, 2010

To All of my Favourite Bloggers, I Forgive You

For every time I've been a bit disappointed or  even annoyed when you haven't posted anything new, I apologize! I now understand why you can let days, or sometimes even weeks go by without a new post. And I have even more respect for those of you who faithfully blog daily, or at least, regularly. Some post every weekday and take the weekends off, others post every second day or so, and still others have their regular days on which we fans/addicts can expect something new.

My reasons for finally starting my blog were to have a home for the weekly list challenge, to share on a regular basis with faraway family and friends, and to have a journal of sorts for myself. I love that some of my favourite bloggers have been at it for years, and can simply link to an old post when referring to something in their past.

Now, I've been good about regular photographs, as in the back of my mind I'm still going to have a Project 365 Album for this year. I dutifully download and file photos for each week, though March has been my most concise and regular. And maybe that's why the blogging has waned.

I can't promise that I'll do better, even after stating my awareness of the situation here. But I'll start with a few photos from this month, to meet goals 2 and 3 of blogging. My goals, that is.

Lunch at the Lucky Dog, the weekend before Marc left us for faraway places. Awesome sliders!!

Finally, basketball weather!

Can you tell that Roxi just LOVES bathtime?!

One of our service Saturdays was spent visiting two local nursing homes. We played bingo with the residents at the first, and did a craft at the second.

At the second home, one of the residents presented us with the picture that Gaby is holding. In gratitude. We were touched.

Nick played at church last Sunday. If you look closely, you can just make out the neck of his guitar!


New, custom Converse. Very cool!

Homework with Roxi

The schoool Science Fair was last week. And Gaby's all about multi-tasking, practicing violin in the few minutes before leaving for soccer practice.

Since the Schneiders moved away last summer, Gaby's the lone student at the bus stop.

Sometimes, during the day, when no one else is home, Nick will practice downstairs. I like that.

Nick's band, Mothra, performed for the first time last Friday, at a fundraiser for the middle school's robotics team.  Not many parents or adults of any kind there, so I wasn't sure that he was happy with our presence, much less OK with me snapping pictures. (turns out he was, and he was) So I stayed in the background and didn't get great shots, but I still managed to capture the proof that we were there, and that Nick was performing. Very well, I might add. The next photo is flashless, but I do like the colour. And I know where Nick is!!

And last but not least, Friday the 26th was the grand opening of Jack Frost, a local ice cream place. Because of Nick's show, we couldn't get there, so we went yesterday. Waiting til after dinner meant that it was even colder. The wind had picked up which made it even frostier. So once the ice cream came, there was no sitting around outside. We were back in the car in the blink of an eye! But not before I made Nick and Gab 'freeze' for a photo!

Don't they look thrilled?!


  1. When I was young I had a band, and my parents were involved and supportive like you! They would drive me all over the west to play our shows (I was too young to drive). I always regret being a teenager and not wanting to let them come into a show. What was I thinking! They were so great but I was worried about looking silly with parents coming in. As I look back I see that they were awesome, and just wanted to be a part of it all. You are great for supporting your kids, and your kids are great for letting you "tag-along" :)

    I also wanted to commend you and your entire family for supporting, and serving the elderly. That is something else my parents taught me too! You all deserve all the blessings you are going to get in life!

  2. I agree with Nick! And I have to say that your Nick has great hair and that your family is beautiful!

    I love the whole 365 idea too - it is fantastic!