Monday, March 1, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 9

This week's list is fun -- List your favourite tv shows of all time!

Carol Burnett was an easy #1 for my list! I loved watching that show and still laugh whenever I catch a clip. I loved how they all cracked each other up -- it was hilarious to see them trying in vain to keep a straight face! And it truly was one of those family shows that I could watch with my parents, and now, if I chose, with my kids.

Television memories growing up: I believe we got both cable and colour when I was 14. I don't really have many memories of shows I watched as a child, at least not in terms of being favourites. I'm too old for Sesame Street, and lack of cable limited our viewing choices. I remember the 3 morning shows on CBC being The Friendly Giant, Chez Helene and Mister Dressup. I also remember the local CTV channel carrying a show at noon called Uncle Bob and Archie.  I guess Archie was Winnipeg's answer to Howdy Doody. I distinctly remember them featuring tips from Elmer the Safety Elephant. Everytime I see someone walking on the wrong side of the road these days, I realize they may not have had the guidance of Elmer the Safety Elephant, who always stressed, when there were no sidewalks, to walk on the left hand side of the road, facing traffic. I'll never forget!

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  1. I'm getting behind on my lists. I better catch up soon!