Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'd Rather Have a Root Canal . . .

than have to deal with renewing my passport! That was my FB status on Monday, after going through all of the trials and tribulations, just to GET the applications to Canada! A friend responded that passport renewal was cheaper, which is usually true. But not if you're my husband Marc, who left Sunday evening for Newark NJ, stayed overnight there ($$) flew to TO in the morning ($$) visited Passport Canada to apply for an expedited passport ($$) was told his photos were too 'shadowy' so he had to get new ones taken ($$) then had to kill time while he waited. He shopped ($$)

He actually had a new fatter passport in hand shortly after lunch. Though he had booked his return for the next day, he was able to change his flight and was home that night. With his new passport, a Team Canada jersey for himself, Vikings jerseys for both he and Nick, and Canada tees for Gaby and me.

So Marc has his passport and now begins the waiting game I play with Passport Canada. I'm wondering if they'll reject our photos too, since they were taken at Walgreen's, where Marc had his done. I figure I'll call them by the end of the week. This happened the last time we renewed our passports, again with Marc's photos. But they made no attempt to call us. It was only after I received mine and inquired about his that I was made aware of the photo problem. I plan to be proactive this time. There is no way I'm going to be prevented from traveling to Canada for Pier's wedding because of passport issues.

But lest you think our life has been all passport and travel stress this week, not so. We've been having gorgeous, open-the-windows-let-the-fresh-air-in weather since Sunday! The kids have been shooting hoops outside, we've been to the playground, and if Marc wasn't leaving for Singapore tomorrow, he'd surely be golfing this weekend. (though they keep talking about rain by Friday)

Roxi dog has been driving me crazy when the windows are open. She's taken to barking at every sound she hears! I hope she adjusts fast. Muzzles and snipped vocal cords have crossed my mind! Big dog, big bark ya know!

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