Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bit of Music in our Week

Good things, like the kids' concerts, are never nicely and evenly spaced and scheduled. Just doesn't happen that way.

We first had the pleasure of Gaby's  beginner band concert on Thursday. Or should I say I had the pleasure. Because Marc was out of town overnight and Nick had his own music rehearsal at the School of Rock. So I juggled Marc's video camera in my right hand, slung my camera around my neck and did the best I could using my left hand. This was the best I could do!

We did a bit better Friday night. Marc was back, so he handled video and I could concentrate on stills. Being back down to only one camera didn't improve the quality of the images I captured. The shows are set up more for the kids to enjoy, not for parents to get the pictures they'd like. But it doesn't stop them from trying. Unless you're sitting in the front row, it's pretty tough to get a shot that doesn't include the glowing screen of someone else's camera or phone, or the glare off of a bald head. Now, having been recently bald myself, I'm not singling out bald folks. OK, bald men. I just seem to have the misfortune of always having one in my line of fire when I'm trying to get a photo!

Nick's show this season was Black Sabbath. Never having been a big fan of theirs, I only recognized a handful of songs. But even if you don't know the music, you can't help but marvel at the way these teens come together onstage, so confidently and professionally. Uhmazing!

My son the rock star.

I so wish I could get better pictures, but I'm always concerned about drawing attention to myself, and consequently, Nick. 

Did I mention how much fun these shows are? For the kids too!

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