Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wrapping Up My 52 Lists!

Happy to say they are done, bound, and in their new home, a basket that holds a few mini albums and my 52Q from 2009.

Love this little glimpse of each list.

That's one fat stack of lists! I tried different ways of binding them together. While working on the lists last year, I used binder rings to keep them together, but didn't care for that as the pile of lists grew. I used rope through the two holes I had punched in each, first looping the rope in a fashion similar to the binder rings. Not crazy about that. Then I tried tying the ends together, top and bottom, on the front and back of the stack. Didn't like how it covered some of my art. So I finally just knotted the ends of both the top and bottom ropes, tight against the pages. I like that best for now.

With my 52 lists done, and the Christmas boxes packed up and waiting to be stowed in the crawl space for another year, I can work at wrapping up my December Daily, which I kept up with til December 19th.  And I'm really looking forward to putting more time into Julie's Art Journal Every Day  Julie came up with this great idea/challenge, and there are already over 300 people on board!  Of course there's a flickr group for this one too -- check it out. I also strongly recommend Julie's blog. She posts frequent inspiring posts filled with great photos, tutorials, ideas, everything. Love everything she does!!


  1. Good morning to you Sherri from rainy grey England!

    I am new to your blog having read the excellent piece you wrote for Julie’s Art Journal Every Day project on her own blog.

    I must say I LOVE your 52 lists project, and have a sudden urge to incorporate some of your list ideas into my own journal (I especially love the “bad things I did as a kid” one, although, as I was a perfect little angel, that will be a short list for me! (yeah right! :D ))

    I’ve added your blog to my reader and hope to visit often


  2. I have a (maybe dumb) question...are the actual lists on the back of the cards?

  3. Sarah that was a wonderful piece you wrote for Julie. I started out doing a Daily Journaling prompt on line but it became just a chore and fortuitously came across Julies idea and your contribution. Now enthused. Thanks

  4. I was enlightened as I read your post on Julie's blog. What a journey! Each page and project impressed me and gave me courage to try it myself. Thank you. :)

  5. I've come from Julie's blog and all I can say is WOW!!! Where has your blog been in my blogging life. Amazing inspiration!!! I've added you to my favs and will be back for more. I too did Em's 2009 challenge and this year I will be doing lists thanks to you.

  6. Dear Sherri, I've read about your lists on Julie Balzer's blog. Your basket is fabulous! I am a huge fan of lists (a chronic listmaker)! On my blog, I post a list every friday. I would love you to visit sometimes! All my lists are here :

  7. Popping over from Julie's blog. I am utterly in love with this idea. I am big into lists. Your list art is fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. You are such a finisher! I want some of that! Can you give it to me in a pill please - look at you sticking with that for ONE WHOLE YEAR - and that's not even your first listy thingy challenge either! You go girl! What a star!