Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Martin Luther King Day of Service at CLC

Yesterday was either the 8th or 9th year that our church has participated in service projects for MLK Day.

We always start with lunch for everyone, a short presentation about the man and his mission and dreams, and then we do five or six service projects. This year, we made ugly blankets for homeless folks (called ugly cuz they're made ugly to reduce the possibility of theft), peppermint bark (can't remember who this was made for, but the kids loved taking a hammer to bags of candy canes), play doh for a group that supports single mothers, letters to those serving in the military, valentine cards for residents of a local nursing home, and hand painted tiles for Habitat homes.

We always wind up with a group shot of the volunteers in their shirts. This year, we ran a bit late and many people seemed to have left before we got the photo.

Can you spot Gaby in this shot?!

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