Monday, January 17, 2011

A Snow Day Birthday

Our first snow day of the school year couldn't have fallen on a more perfect day -- Gaby's 10th birthday!

The autodialled call from the school superintendent came in around 5:45 a.m. They weren't messing around! No late arrival for Gaby's special day. This was a full blown snow day.

I snuck into the kids' rooms to shut off their alarms. Nick, being the light sleeper that he is, heard me, but easily went back to sleep when he heard the news.

Of course I forgot to shut off our alarms, which are set for both kids' get up times! No biggie. It's always nice to shut off the alarm knowing you can go back to bed.

We all got up in time for Gaby to open her gifts before Marc had to leave for work.

It was nice to have the time for a leisurely pancake breakfast. Chocolate chip for Nick and half-baked for Gab. (don't ask!!)

A bit of indoor fun on the wii.

Check out this adorable cupcake floral arrangement that Gaby received from Pier, Nate, Hailey and Kai. Isn't it just the cutest?

But even those beautiful flowers and a family dinner at PF Chang the evening of Gab's birthday couldn't compete with spending the afternoon sledding and playing with her BFF Claire. Gaby thought that was the best part of her Snow Day birthday!

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