Monday, April 19, 2010

Bits of the week

Just bits. Not every photo I took, and not even each daily photo. Some are worth sharing here. Others. Not so much. Monday's photo was dinner. Mexican pizza. Yummy enough, and someday, if I ever put together a recipe scrapbook, which I'd like to do for Nick and Gab, I'll use that photo.

I've actually taken quite a few food photos since starting this Project Life/ picture a day thing. There are two trains of thought behind this: I can use them for my photo that day if I don't like anything else I've taken, or if that ends up being the only photo I take. And, I can start a folder for recipe scrapbook photos and save them there too. I'll be ahead of the game.

Last Christmas, Marc presented us with tickets for the Lion King, which at the time, seemed so so far away. But finally, this week, it was time. Rainy and cold. Gaby with sniffles and a fever. I felt bad dragging her into Philly when she was feeling this way, but she was a trooper. As always. We paid a bit more for parking, in order to be closer to the theatre (the hotel right across the street) and we found an Italian restaurant for dinner, also across the street.

Mmmmmmmussels for the boys!

Showtime. No photography of any kind allowed during the show. We were threatened with camera confiscation, so I couldn't capture an image of Gaby snoozing during the entire second act, poor thing!  She missed an amazing show, that I could easily see again. It was fabulous.

Girl home sick, Thursday and Friday. She really shouldn't have gone to school Tuesday and Wednesday, but she didn't want to miss the PSSAs, which they had been writing daily since the Wednesday prior.  The testing wrapped up Wednesday, and so did Gab! When the tylenol would kick in, she felt well enough to be bored, so resorted to things like balancing soda cans (we finally saw Minute to Win It the other night and that's where we learned about this trick, among others)


When the tylenol would wear off, it was back to being all about relaxing and cuddling. Me or Roxi.


By Friday evening Gaby was feeling well enough to join Nick in some hoops.  Even in the rain. And it was a good thing they were outside, as the police were out, looking for some individuals posing as magazine subscription folks fundraising for Haiti relief, and asked that we call if we saw people fitting given descriptions. The kids were out before supper, which is when the police came by. They went out again after supper and weren't out there 10 minutes when Nick spotted a fellow who looked like someone the police had described. The short version is that the police rounded up several people who were part of this group. Gaby was a bit freaked out by this happening in our quiet Sleepy Hollow of a neighborhood, but Nick thought it was exciting. It was a bit more excitement than we're used to around here, and a testiment to the vigilence and unity of the good people of our great neighborhood!

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