Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Variation on 365

Project 365, that is.

The concept has been around awhile. Taking a photo a day. Photographers, scrapbookers and those who fancy themselves a bit of both. For a person like me, well, I need a place to put it all together. Becky Higgins came up with the concept of a scrapbook and everything you need to keep a year's worth of photos all in one place. I didn't bite the first year. Hesitated when she came out with another version at the end of last year. But when her Project Life became available through Amazon, I thought I'd give it a try. I hadn't started with a photo a day on January 1st, but I figured I'd have enough photos to fill in the first few weeks of the year, and didn't really start making that daily effort til March. To that end, I've succeeded. And I've almost 'caught up' -- most of the photos for 2010 are in their designated pocket and appropriately documented. Sort of !

But I like what Jasmine is doing. She started a couple of weeks ago and has been successful in posting a photo to her blog, on a daily basis. Check out what she's done so far. Heck, check out her blog. She's chock full of talent and you can see it there, in it's many forms. Great stuff!

I'd like to do the same -- post my daily photo right here. But all of a sudden, it's Thursday or Friday. I realize the week's almost done, and I've not been back to my blog since my Monday 52 Lists post.

So once again, here is our week. With it, my hopes and dreams to one day post more regularly. More often.

This is life with a big dog. BIG dog. Easter goodies up high. Freshly baked cookies, up high. I should have photographed the top of the fridge, where all of the breads, rolls, muffins and the like, can be found. When we had Abby, our golden retriever, the counter top was sufficient. Bread was in a  basket pushed back into the corner. But since Roxi the Bernese Mountain dog joined our family, the height at which you can find all of the breads and baked goods in our kitchen, has doubled.

Monday evening, the mission trip kids got together at church, under the guidance of Mrs. S, to make dinner for their Tuesday soup kitchen service at UniLu, in University City, in Philly. They made dinner for 100 -- chicken enchiladas, glazed carrots, and salad for dinner, with brownies and other baked goods for dessert. Mrs. S whipped up Spanish rice Tuesday afternoon, and it was a good thing: all but 1/2 of the 120 enchiladas were consumed. All of the rice, all of the carrots. There was salad left, but we had overestimated on that. Many people went for seconds, and it was sad to see folks slipping desserts into their bags, trying to conceal it from the kids serving, so that they could get more.

After dinner was cleaned up, we were invited to stay for a short service, then given a tour of the place, including their chapel, of which they're obviously proud. We were told that's there's only a short time of the year where the light is just right, beautifully illuminating the stained  glass windows. Lower sun and leafless trees allow maximum light, and we were treated to this wondrous sight. I obviously couldn't do it justice.
We had hoped to dine on leftover enchiladas, but instead opted for a stop at Jack Frost on the way home, for burgers and shakes. And an early night when we got home -- we were more tired than we realized!

Nick started his allergy shots this week -- knocked him right out!

I like to believe that our home and family are full of moments like this. Not so, but I can pretend when I capture brief moments like this. They were actually trying to come up with something they could both play, but ended up doing their own thing, and then became frustrated with the distraction the other was creating!

Nick had requested a Guitar Center trip. Gaby and Nick's friend Kevin came along. It's like a playland for big kids: guitars and amps everywhere, a drum room, a keyboard room, an acoustic room, a, for lack of a better word, dj room! They could spend hours there, trying out everything, and the staff encourage it.

Gaby's first travel soccer game was Sunday. Soccer is a fall sport here. The girls participate in a different league in the spring, mostly for training. We were told not to get discouraged with the games' outcomes, as many of the teams they would play had been playing together longer. We saw evidence of that alright! The first half of the game, the other team was leading by 7 goals. However, the girls rallied and scored 1 goal in the second half, while holding their opposition. So they really did improve quite a bit. And most importantly, Gaby had fun!!

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