Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last Saturday, our neighborhood hosted the 3rd annual EONA (East Oreland Neighborhood Association) 5K. Check it out here It was initially just started as a neighborhood activity, with a designated charity for the profits (can't remember who) But last year, it was decided that the Histiocytosis Association would be the sole beneficiary of the charitable effort. Histiocytosis is an orphan disease, and one of our neighbors, a first grade boy named Aidan, has been fighting it for most of his life. I don't know much about the disease. Because it's an orphan disease that afflicts about 500 Americans, there is little funding for research to find a cure. And because of that, there will be more EONA 5Ks.

I am not a runner, but have been able to make my contribution as the official event photographer. Nothing fancy. Every year, I just snap a few hundred photos and they're posted on the race website. The first year, I turned over all of my photos thinking someone would surely thin them out a bit and post a few. But no, they all appeared on the website! They're not perfect, but the idea behind it is to preserve some of the memories of the day, and give people the chance to find themselves among those photos. Knowing that all of the photos will be posted, I still seem to forget to remove the extra pictures of my kids before I turn them over. I did it again this year -- burned 6 DVDs with the almost 700 race photos on them, extras of Pelletier kids included more.

Here's a few photos from the day. Nick chose to take advantage of the Saturday and sleep in. They can only do that once a week ya know! So this year's race day photos are sans Nick. Many of Gaby.

First, the 5K start. Don't strain your eyes trying to find her in these photos -- she did the kids' 1/2 mile.

Following the 5K, there was a one mile walk, and then the kids' 1/2 mile. Gaby was initially upset that I hadn't signed her up for the 5K. Not having trained at all, she participated in the kids' 1/2 mile.

The start for the kids' 5K.

Ready. Set. Go!

And they're off!!

Once you realize where Gaby is in this picture (front, right) you'll be able to spot her in the previous ones!

Here she is, crossing the finish line, the second girl, in the medals!

Way to go Gaby girl! Now, my Dad was a marathoner in his day, but if her running ability comes from my side, it's from him, and it certainly skipped a generation! Great effort Gab!

THE medal!

These two always seem to hang out during the 5K.

And one last photo, my favourite.

This is the front corner of our yard. The race comes by our house every year, though I'm never home to see it. Every year, under the cover of darkness on the eve of the race, committee members are out with their floodlights, marking the course. We always seem to be out ourselves the night before, and run into them in one place or another. Just one of those memories that puts a smile on my face.

 I love my neighborhood!

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  1. I need to start training for one of these.... like, yesterday....