Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

Me thinks I should schedule blogging days. I'm very good at reading everyone else's blogs on a regular basis, but still haven't figured out how to keep up my own!

Just a few photos from Spring Break Week, including Easter, keeping in mind that Nick didn't participate in egg painting this year, wasn't interested in joining us to see The Diary of A Wimpy Kid (can you blame him?!) and then left us for a few days at the shore with friends, on Wednesday. I don't love him less -- he's just absent from the camera, and our activities, more often!!

Because Nick knew he was going to the shore on Wednesday, he insisted we schedule his allergy skin testing as early as possible in the week. Monday morning. I meant to bring my camera to capture the moment as it happened, but alas, the best I could do was a quick shot of his arms when we got home. They looked a lot worse at the doctor's office, with several of the spots red and swollen. Not surprisingly, he's allergic to grasses, trees, pollens, showed a bit of a reaction to ragweed, mold and dogs. No dust! The negative dust made me especially happy, as it blew a hole in the theory that Nick's allergies could be caused or worsened by my housekeeping skills, or lack thereof!

Not too bad by the time I took the photo!

We rushed home from the allergist to paint eggs with the Blankemeyers and Smiths. Lunch and time to hang out, inside. It was wet and yucky outside.

Gaby's beautiful speckled dozen!

Tuesday was unexpectly worse, weather-wise. Rainy, windy, cold. We caught an early showing of Diary of A Wimpy Kid with the Blankemeyers. The kids loved it -- wasn't too bad for the grown ups either. Then we ducked into Ruby Tuesday's for lunch.

Gab's Book Club Wednesday, at Lexi's. Also the day that Nick left for the shore. The weather also did a dramatic about face, after the miserable start to the week.  The girls spent most of their time together outside.

Thursday, Gaby invited her friend Ashton to spend the day and sleepover. Emma Kate joined us for an afternoon at the Doylestown castle park. I packed iced water for the girls, but it was soooooo hot, and remember there's no leaves at this time of the year for shade, so a stop for water ice on the way home, was very necessary, and very welcome!

Gaby took a short break for her evening soccer practice, and Ashton rejoined us to spend the night. And no sleepover is complete without heavy snacking in bed, in front of the television, of course!!

Gaby started feeling a bit yucky that night, and they didn't stay up as late as they usually would. After a pancake breakfast Friday morning, Ashton went home, and Gaby and I spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch, watching New Moon. Some parents might be raising their eyebrows at this, but she's fine with the storyline and the visuals. I'd seen the movie first, and I think she's better off seeing the movies than reading the books, at this age. The books go deeper into the emotions and conflicts the characters experience, and these just don't translate fully to the big screen. Watching with her I can gauge where she's at with the story. She grew up watching Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter movies, so the concept of characters like vampires and werewolves isn't foreign to her. No hiding her eyes, no nightmares, no problem.

She also had a special request for hummus -- doesn't everyone, when they're feeling a bit under the weather?!

Saturday morning, Gab and I headed down to the creek for her to take photos for the Bing Earth Day Photo Contest. Students at her school were encouraged to participate. There are prizes for both students and their schools, and, being Gaby, she's in! I didn't touch the camera, except to carry it when in dangerous proximity to the water. I did download them to her computer and help her upload them to Bing, but they're truly her photos. Check it out if you have time. There's thousands of photos and it's interesting to read some of the kids' descriptions attached!

We were getting anxious for Nick to get home. Gaby insisted on waiting up for him. He didn't show up til after 10, so the poor Easter bunny had to wait til they were sleeping before he showed up too! I'll bet he was very very tired!!

Gaby got up fairly early Sunday morning, checked in with Nick, who confirmed she could hunt for eggs alone, and she was off. And quite excited that the Easter Bunny left more eggs outside this year!

We tried to go to church, but not anticipating the extra people (oh who am I kidding -- we were our usual on time/bordering on late, selves!) there was standing room only, the AC wasn't on, and I thought I was going to pass out about 10 minutes into the service. So  we left before the service ended. Well before it ended.  The good in that was that we could then get to brunch at LuLu at bit earlier. So we did.

Nick's happy to be anywhere in a collared shirt! He does wear it well though!

Me and my girl, seriously difficult to get into any semblance of a picture pose!

Gaby adds her creative touch to every occasion, every holiday. XO

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