Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

Just call me an April fool! I figured that with Nick down the shore for a few days, I could let my guard down this morning. Silly me! Never underestimate the will of a 9 year old armed with a netbook and determination!

She was up late last night searching for ideas, grabbed a Trader Joe's shopping bag to fill with the items she would need to carry out her tasks, and set her alarm for the middle of the night, so she could set her traps while we were sleeping.

When I found out she had overslept and didn't hear her alarm last night, I figured I was safe. Dealing with insomnia last night, I was up til after 4, tossing and turning on the couch downstairs. I heard Marc walk into the first trap: plastic wrap at face level, across the bedroom door! She had seen that one on AFV last Sunday and loved it! The only thing missing was a video camera to capture Marc's reaction.

I couldn't see how she could have done much more in the short time she had been awake, so I was feeling pretty confident that this was the end of the April Fool shenanigans. Wrong! As the first person to turn on the kitchen sink, I got SOAKED!! Check it out!

I didn't even notice the purple rubber band. Water sprayed all over my bathrobe, the newspaper that Gaby was reading behind me, and on the island and the floor. I haven't laughed that hard in a while, especially not first thing in the morning! What a great way to start the day! But she wasn't done.

Dressing for the day, Gaby was hanging around. Not unusual for her, but nonetheless I was on my guard. For good reason. When I opened the armoire, a balloon deflated, freaking me out! She had blown up a balloon but left it untied, and pinched the neck of it between the doors, so that when they were opened, the balloon released it's air! Clever girl.

And she still wasn't finished. I ran a couple of quick errands to the hardware store, dry cleaner and post office -- had to mail that census you know -- and when I returned, unbeknownst to me, she had set up the sprayer in the kitchen sink. Again. And I fell for it. Again.

The 'Kick Me' sign didn't work well, and calling my cell phone from the house phone is something she does year round, but the other tricks that I fell victim to, the sprayer and the balloon, were priceless.

As I said, a fun way to wake up, but I'm a bit worried for next year. If this is what she's capable of now, as a solo 9 year old, what might 2011 bring?!

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  1. Sherri, these are awesome! Your daughter is too smart! I like the idea with the balloon. I am an armoire my cats like to get into - they open the door and pull everything out and then leave it there. I might just have to do this to scare them. :)