Monday, February 8, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 6

For this week, my list of websites (& blogs) I visit most often. This is just an itty bitty part of my huge list of blog favourites.

Blogs are dangerous -- the more you read them, the more new blogs you discover. I wish that when I had started reading the first few of the many blogs I read now, I had kept track of how I discovered them. So many of the new ones are linked to the older ones. I have several favourites that I label as brave women/mothers. They write with eloquence, grace, bravery and wisdom , with a strength I admire. Catching up and keeping up with these blogs is as regular a part of my day as I can make it. With Facebook, there's now more of an overlap, but in a good way. When I go to FB, I see  that some of my favourite blogs have been updated recently. 
I know that the one thing I find the most difficult to do without for extended times, is the internet. We've had power outages. No lights -- we've got candles.  No heat -- we have the wood stove. No television -- we've got games. No phone -- no biggie. No internet -- not so good! My access to the internet is a combination of have to's (emails, documents, photo editing/sorting/backing up, research) and want to's (blogs, FB, shopping!)  Interesting how we've evolved.