Sunday, February 7, 2010

Now That's a Snow Storm!

There's always a huge dramatic build up when snow is in the forecast here. Grocery stores are mobbed, running out of bread, milk and sometimes eggs. At hardware stores, it's ice melt and shovels. Now, everything but shovels would be considered consumables of sorts. But the shovels? Where do all of the shovels go? It always makes me laugh when interviews are conducted at Home Depot prior to the snow, and it's always the same -- they ran out of shovels! What does everyone do with the shovels they bought for the last snow?
This time, as forecast, the snow started falling lightly late afternoon. There was a beautiful dusting of snow by midnight. By morning, it was a true winter wonderland.

 Front yard
Roxi 'rescuing' Gab!
Snow angels of course!
She likes to be buried in the snow.
And Roxi likes to 'help' her out!
The trees look so pretty wearing snow!

Carole calls this our backyard cold tub!

It stopped snowing by the middle of the afternoon Saturday, and there's more snow in the forecast for Tuesday. Loving this snow!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am not usually a pet person, but that bird picture by the window and the dog with her head sticking out of the snow just blew me away!!! And I bet that bathtub is an AWESOME spot for pics in the springtime, I can see it now! With that cute fence behind.

    So we are kindred spirits you and I! I was just telling mum how you were eating chocolate cake batter out of a cup as you decided to give it up for lent and she looked at me like, "so, there is another chocolate sniffer dog out there in the world...." hahaha! You are the only other person who has ever confessed within my earshot of doing that! Love it!

    And, quitting chocolate suuuuucks hahaha I am so grumpy when I get a craving! But the cravings will pass, I just have to be patient!