Friday, February 19, 2010

Who Do I Cheer For?

Why Canada, of course!

One of Gaby's classmates' moms asked me this on Tuesday at the class Valentine party. She seemed genuinely concerned, as if it was a serious dilemma.

If I'm watching an event in which Canada is participating, I'll always cheer my countrymen (and women!) on. However, if Canada isn't in contention, the U.S. is who I'll always root for!

Living in the U.S., if you're the least bit interested in Olympic coverage, you can't escape the personal stories of many of the favoured atheletes. I do know more about Shaun White, Evan Lysacek and Lindsay Vonn, than Alexandre Bilodeau and Maelle Ricker. They're all gold medal winners, but I'm more familiar with the stories behind the faces of the American athletes. It goes with the territory, quite literally!

Facebook helps. I'm a fan of Canadian Olympic Team and Vancouver 2010 Olympics. They allow me to stay on top of what's happening in my beautiful O Canada.

And of course I've been staying up much much too late every night, to catch the coverage. Network television is frustrating. My kids would love to be able to see more of their favourite events, but can't stay up that late on school nights. Some of the coverage isn't even live -- they're running events when they want to get the most people viewing. We already know who's gonna win; I can't stay away from the spoilers on the internet, and FB doesn't even try to keep it a secret!

So here's to another week and some of late nights and groggy days. It's only once every four years!

(Thanks Lin for the Olympic gear. We love it!!)

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