Friday, February 5, 2010

GOventure Challenge 2010

Last Friday,  Kal Barteski announced a week long challenge she and Elise Blaha were doing, starting Monday. A word a day. They set up a Flickr group for everyone to post their goodies. The first word was WANDER. On Monday morning, the second word, INVISIBLE, was announced. And so on. Tuesday's word was COINCIDENCE, Wednesday's PERMANENT and Thursday's, WHOLE. It wasn't as difficult to keep up as I thought it would be. Getting the new word in the morning gave me the entire day to think about it, and I was then able to put it together once the kids were in bed.
I loved seeing what other people were doing with these words. Painting, photography, digital works, hybrid stuff, there's a bit of everything. Check it out! If you can't play along, it's fun to look!
I discovered that one of my favourite participants in this challenge was a Winnipeg girl -- small world! Though Kal's in Winnipeg too, so that might have something to do with the number of Winnipeggers in on the challenge.
Art can be anything. And art is everything.

I took both of these photos after I had tossed the pieces back onto the dining room table, and actually like this picture better. But it doesn't have the Candian bear license plate peeking through the window. That was intentional!

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