Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tale of A Snowman

Our school district made a wise decision, calling for a snow day yesterday evening,  rather than sending their usual pre-dawn, day-of, message. Even though the alarms were off this morning, Gaby and I were out before 9, building a snowman in the front yard.
Not every snowfall brings the ideal snowman-making-snow, so that's why we were out there first thing this morning.

It didn't take us long to assemble three lumps of snow, and Gaby put together a combination of nature and her wardrobe, to dress him.

He got a kiss from his creator.

She even tried the tango, but worse than two left feet, he has no feet!

And so we left him, shortly after 9 a.m.

We ventured out again around 1:00 in the afternoon. It was already the second or third round of shoveling, and we decided to check on our unnamed frosty friend.

He looked a bit more frosty indeed. Gaby cleared his eyes for the pictures. And remember, his hat is black.

Another kiss.

Of course a snowball fight!

We decided to pay our snowman another visit on our return walk home from Tequila Joe's, where we had walked for dinner. And here's what we saw:

If you look closely, through the snow-laden, sagging branches, you'll see a lump of snow that is our frosty friend, and Gaby standing beside him.

One more, which is a better view of the snowman. You can't see Gaby's face, but if you can find the dark spots on the snow, that's her legs! The moral of the story is, wait for the snowfall to end, before you build a snowman. Or at least, before you dress him!

I'm planning to post more photos of this record breaking blizzard tomorrow. We're just too tired from all that shoveling.

Oh, and tomorrow is another snow day. With this Friday and Monday already scheduled days off for Presidents' Day weekend, these kids have 6 consecutive days off!

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