Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't buy into the romance and hype that is Valentine's Day -- for our family, it's simply another excuse to buy and eat a variety of heart-shaped chocolates and candy! Sour lips, red, pink and white candy corn, and of course, heart-shaped chocolates, gummies and jelly beans. No photos because there's not much left to photograph!

Gaby does a fabulous job of cards and decorations, doesn't she?!

The snow isn't melting too fast, and we're trying to preserve the mound on top of the BBQ so that Gaby can make the most authentic SNOW CONES ever! Instead of syrup, she sprinkles them with jello powder and says they're even better that way.

And there is one more day left of this 6-day President's Day weekend. Happy Valentine's Day!!

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