Tuesday, May 4, 2010

365 bits of the past fortnight

I can't think of a better way to start a week than with dinner delivered by wonderful friends and neighbors. Elise and Julie brought over chicken enchiladas, salads, and yummy triple chocolate mocha cookies. Filled our bellies for a couple of days, and filled our hearts for much longer.

Elusive, reclusive and just not really in our presence enough. As Mom, I like to balance the number of photos between son and daughter, but as the photographer, it's nearly impossible. Just a fact of life with a teenager. This is the way I see Nick a lot these days: coming and going, loading and unloading his guitar. Rehearsals, lessons, practicing with friends. That guitar is in and out of our car as much as Nick is!

It may not be their favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but sometimes, it's the only chance we have to be together. And if there's work to be done, that's what we're doing!

Gaby was in a cleaning mood, shining up my car inside and out. Saturday was spent on outside work and Sunday was the day to take care of things inside.

This is why:

The last Sunday in April, we were bundled in blankets and winter jackets, huddles against the cold, wind and drizzle.

Playing soccer on a wet field leads to soggy tootsies!

A week later, the first Sunday in May:

They had to work to stay hydrated and rotate in and out of the game frequently.

Spring in PA -- you never know what you'll get.

In 4th grade, next year, band is introduced. I think we've finally got Gaby convinced that the sax should be her intrument, especially since we have one.

Marc shows her how its done.

If you can't figure out where a new piece of electronics should go, maybe there's really no room and need for it! (Of course Marc would say the same witnessing my squeezing in more art and scrapbook supplies!)

The Allied Arts show at the high school, with a soccer practice scrunched in between. The show encompasses all grade levels. By the time they reach the high school level, the standard of work these kids are putting together is mind boggling. I could spend the whole evening there it wouldn't be enough. Amazing!

We thought an evening out would be fun last Thursday. Not only was Marc leaving on Friday for almost a week, but he's gone for Nick's birthday as well. Again. Sucks, but such is the nature of his work.

Squeezing in some Dad-help Friday morning. Math is definitely his area of expertise.

There's just not enough room for the 3 of us (thank goodness), though Marc would rather sleep with Roxi. Her breath's better!

Please explain why, with a perfectly good DOUBLE bed in the room, they choose to camp out on the floor?! Didn't last though. They both ended up settling in on the bed for the night.

Up early and somewhat bright for bring a friend to Sunday school pajama day. Breakfast first!

Mmmmmm. French toast and sausages.

Another favourite last photo. Picking up a coffee after dropping Nick at his Sunday evening rehearsal, I noticed all of the geese families everywhere. They are NOT popular here! They, and their poop, are everywhere. Their droppings aren't pleasant to step in, and are slippery when wet. Really! They hold up traffic during their many forays to 'the other side of the road'. And they're fierce in their protection of their young. But who wouldn't be? I mean, look at these adorable fluffballs. This family was out for a stroll near the Starbucks. I kept my distance, snapping this from the parking lot. In another couple of weeks they'll be bigguns, losing their fluff and cuteness, and in a little while longer, they'll look like the grown ups. But for now, we forget our disdain for them and ooh and awe at their cuteness!

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