Wednesday, May 26, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 21

I was so proud of myself for photographing this week's list Monday afternoon. I had every intention of posting it when I returned from my book club meeting Monday night. We started early, so finished early. And when I opened the file to do some quick edits, this is what I found:

No 'V'!!

I searched all over the floor, inside and out, since I photograph them outside. I looked all over the dining room table, where I usually create. Nothing.

So I took a 'W' and with a couple of quick snips, turned it ito a 'V'. But waited til daylight Tuesday to photograph it. I also glued down all of the letters. They were self adhesive, but also on clearance, so I think they were past their prime as far as stickiness.

I spent Tuesday packing and cleaning. We overnighted at the airport hotel to get on an early flight this morning to Canada. Winnipeg, where we're from. For my stepdaughter's wedding this Friday.

I figured we'd check in early and after the kids had their swim, I'd still have some productive computer time before turning in.

Should have known we'd leave later than planned. We always do! And internet access wasn't free. That happens a lot too!

So it's Wednesday, we're here, at my parents', free internet, and I'm finally able to share this week's list.

List of my favourite books.

With a 'V'!

My list, with room for more.

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  1. Ah yes, the art of Frankenstein-ing letters! Love it!