Friday, May 14, 2010

And the rest of last week

Yes, that's Nick playing out front of the Shop 'n Bag grocery store. Wednesday the 5th of May was Upper Dublin Education Day. The store donated a portion of the days' proceeds, as they do every year, all levels of students provide entertainment, there's grilled burgers and dogs available for purchase and prizes for shoppers as well. The parking lot is the place to be. All day.

Nick wasn't required to be there til 3:30, so I dropped him off and picked up Gaby at school, so she could enjoy Nick's performance. Since Marc was still out of town and we had to hurry out that evening for Open House at Gaby's school, I opted for dinner there too. Great burgers!!

Who'd have thought we could have much fun in a grocery store parking lot? So much, that no one wanted to leave!

But Open House was next on the agenda. As the kids get older, there're not as many opportunities for parents to participate in classroom activities. Open House is a way for parents to get a glimpse into what's been going on at school.

Gaby love love loves her teacher this year! Me too!!

Back to school bright and early Thursday morning for Muffins with Mom. This is an event held over the course of three days. Two grades/day are invited to enjoy muffins with their Moms or other important female, at 8:00. While Gaby loves to go on our day, we usually volunteer to help on one or both of the other days. So this was our third earlier than usual morning, after having gotten up early for Nick's birthday on Tuesday, and muffin 'set up' on Wednesday and Thursday.

Nary came over one morning and wouldn't let me photograph her. So this is what we ate. Sitting outside. It was a beautiful day. Unlike this week, that started out with us building fires. But that's another post!

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