Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Week That Was

Started with a field trip for Gaby's class, to Robbins Park. They recently completed their Native American unit, so this visit tied into that. They reviewed how important fire was. Then tried to start one themselves . . .

Not as easy as it looks!

Wednesday was the orchestras' spring concert. Can you spot Gaby in this picture?

How about this one?

No luck? You can't miss her in this one!

My willing and trusty photographer!

Early dismissal for Gaby. Her wish was to go shopping and locate some desired and elusive silly bandz. She did, and I think she's reached her limit!

Friday was a full day. Starting with the Race for Education, at Gaby's school. Thanks to all of our family and friends for your support. The kids had fun and the school will be able to outfit the remainder of its classrooms with interwrite boards. Last year's first race supplied most of the first half, I believe.

Book club after school. Gaby's book club that is. Harriet the Spy was this month's selection.

Gaby prefers this photo, with all of the girls in their identical poses.

I like this one.


The weekend following Nick's birthday was busy with his Rush shows, Friday and Saturday night. We had decided that this weekend would be best to celebrate with his friends. He chose to take his friends to The Lucky Dog, for sliders. Back home for a movie. Then the boys would spend the night.

Gaby and I headed home from book club to round up those teenagers waiting for us. The Flyers were playing Boston in game 7 of the Stanley Cup quarter finals, so the place was packed. Once we got a table, it was fun to be a part of the excitement!

Even though Gaby and I got our own table, she couldn't stay away from Nick and his friends. I should have brought a book!

We made sure the boys left with full bellies in the morning.

Then, a full day of work ahead of us. It was finally time to assemble the hot tub. The hot tub package was delivered at the end of January 2009. Two thousand nine! Sixteen months ago.

Too long a story to bore folks with here. Just typical us. The cabinets in the office have needed staining and hardware going on 2 years now. We were relieved that we hadn't refinished our floors before getting Roxi, over 2 years ago. But she's been housebroken for a while now. And the fence. Don't get me started on the fence!

But today was the day of the hot tub. And, as it turned out, the gazebo! It's a shame that we picked a day with such a high pollen count, because it really limited Nick's ability to pitch in. He helped with assembling and sealing the tub itself, and sanded the top. But that probably wasn't a good idea, as he's got a number of tree allergies. Maybe it wasn't sanding the cedar, so much as working under the black walnut tree, which he IS allergic to! He used every medicine at his disposal, and had to throw in the towel when they started assembling the benches. So I gave up my feeble attempt at weeding and worked on the tub instead. And once that was done, we assembled the gazebo. Gaby and Marc took on the sealing of the hot tub itself. That was Saturday.

Sunday was busy with Sunday school, church and travel soccer, so we didn't get much more done outside. The weather turned cooler for the week, so this is where we've left it. The benches still have to be finished before the tub can be filled. And then there's the matter of heating it. Wood fired. Yup. Gotta build a fire.

At that, I'm hopeless. Marc has dreams of heating the house with wood, or at least supplementing our oil heat. He'll get a nice roaring fire going, leave me to tend to it, and I'll kill it. Without meaning to. I'm missing the fire building gene, obviously!

He's promised that he can get a gas hook up for the hot tub, so I'll have a way to use it when he's not around, or to get it started before he gets home. Because he won't be able to rely on me if he wants to come home to a 'hot' hot tub!

When I was a little girl, I wasn't afraid of a Daddy long legs (or Dandy long legs) but I certainly wouldn't pick one up and let it crawl all over me. Still won't. We're alike in many ways, but not that one!

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