Tuesday, May 4, 2010

52 Lists for 2010 - List 18

For this week, a list of my favourite movie stars. Hmmmm. I cheated and googled both fave actors and actresses. I was drawing a blank on my own. This is another one of those lists that I think I'll come up a few more for, the more I think on it.

More fun with recycling. All of the stars were punched from saved scraps of boxes, packaging, paint chips and old art projects. Except for the star on the top left, which was punched from a DSW mailing that came today. It's a shoe! I thought it was pretty cool. You know, one of those 'guess what I am' things! Ahh, can you tell I've been home alot and haven't had many grown up conversations in the last couple of days.

I'd say my list is favourite movie stars I like to watch, not necessarily all, always, for their acting. Sometimes, what gets you through a movie is just who's trying to pull it off. Escape!

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