Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Earth Day

We can't travel to the Gulf Coast to clean an oil spill, but we can stroll down the street to the S R Creek and leave our mark there -- in a good way.
We were down at the creek about a month ago, Gaby taking pictures for an Earth Day contest through school, and noticed a lot of trash laying around. Mostly bottles and cans, it's obvious kids are spending time down there and leaving there mark -- in a not so good way!
Gaby decided returning to the creek on Earth Day and getting rid of some of that trash would be a nice thing to do. So we did.

Two bags full!

Wet and dry, there's no shortage of garbage down there.

We agreed that better footwear would enable us to reach more. The flip flops were OK when getting your feet wet, but offered no protection from some sort of stingy plant that Gaby stepped in. Marc thought it was fireweed, which didn't match up when we googled it, but the name was appropriate for the reaction.

We took those two bags home and Gaby sorted most of it for recycling. A small bit, but if everyone did that small a bit, what a big difference it would make!

And one last cool growth we found in the woods!

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