Friday, May 14, 2010


Last weekend, Nick performed in the Rush show at the School of Rock. The students are divided into 5 groups, and each group is assigned to a particular show. This season, they did The Clash vs The Sex Pistols, Rush, Women That Rock, King Diamond and David Bowie. If Nick couldn't get King Diamond, Rush was his second choice, so he was happy. They rehearse for for almost 3 months and each show is performed twice over its own weekend. Last Friday and Saturday was Rush. And the kids were great!

When I think of Rush, there're probably only a handful of songs that come to mind. To fill an evening with 25 or so songs, I knew there would be many that weren't familiar to me. Didn't matter. They were all fabulous!

I marvel at these shows. They're so professionally presented. The musicians are amazing and they have amazing poise and confidence. On stage, they're all business. You forget they're the same kid who at home has to be reminded three times to clean up his room.

I asked Nick on the way to the show on Friday night if he was nervous at all. He said no. Just excited to finally be performing. He was confident and he was ready. And it showed.

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  1. Cinderella Man
    Doing what you can
    They can't understand
    What it means
    Cinderella Man
    Hang on to your plans
    Try as they might
    They cannot steal your dreams

    Show of a lifetime right there