Sunday, June 6, 2010

4 hours in NYC

Two Saturdays ago, Marc and I drove up to NYC for dinner. His sister Louise, her husband Gord, and Gord's sister Barb were there for the Victoria Day weekend. They had arrived Friday and were returning to Canada on Monday. While we had considered an overnight while they were there, we realized there was too much going on that weekend, with Nick's confirmation and soccer, so we decided to just drive up for a dinner date.

The weather was iffy, potential rain in the forecast. Rather than the train, Marc figured we'd be OK driving all the way into midtown on a Saturday. By we, I mean him! I've driven in NYC once in my life, and that was enough. The drivers, the cabs, the honking and my lack of knowledge of the city made for a stressful drive, so I've never wanted to do it again.

Marc is one of those people who can visit a place once, return five years later, and is still able to find his way around. I'm one of those people who visits a store in a mall and gets disoriented coming out! So driving in NYC isn't for me. But Marc's been there many times and knows it well.

At the last minute we decided to take Marc's little yellow convertible (we call it his mid-life crisis car!) It was fun, but I needed one of those Grace Kelly scarves wrapped around my head. I had the sunglasses, but nothing for my hair, which was well on its way to forming its own dreads by the time we got there!

Once we got into Manhattan, it was really fun cruising around -- like being on a double decker bus tour, but in a yellow car that kind of blended with all of the taxis! We drove to Central Park, as that's where Louise, Gord and Barb were. Of course when we found them we just stopped for a couple of minutes and finalized our dinner plans. Street parking is just about impossible!

I loved driving around with an unobstructed view. Snapping interesting people pictures and just driving on. Of course right now I don't remember where any of those photos are. I'll have to go through them to see if there's anything worth sharing!

This is what is always looks like when you're driving here. Yellow cabs converging in front of you, from both sides. ALL the time!

We parked near the restaurant Asia de Cuba  Marc has dined here several times. Me, never, but I've seen the menu and was looking forward to it.

We walked back to Time Square. The hotel where Louise, Gord and Barb were staying was there.

(Being tourists, if only for a few hours!)

We all walked back to the restaurant together, and met with blank stares when we provided our reservation information. I know I had just made the reservation that afternoon, but they didn't indicate there would be a problem with such short notice! When I had called earlier, they had asked if we were attending the theatre that evening, which some of us were, so I had made the reservation for when they opened, 5:30. For some reason they had us down for 6:15. They did seat us close to our expected time, and most of the seats around us remained empty until well into our dinner. Perhaps staffing was the issue!? But that was the only hiccup. The food was fabulous and I would definitely go back!!

But even better than the food, was the company. Marc kept us all in stitches!

Dinner was over too soon. At 7:15 we parted ways so they could get to their 8:00 show. 

And, just like the drive there, we were home in record time. Even stopping for gas on the Jersey turnpike, we were home before 9. That's because Marc was driving! Me behind the wheel -- different story!

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