Sunday, June 6, 2010

A couple of weeks back . . .

It was still May and we were preparing to travel to Winnipeg for Pier and Nathan's wedding. Well, the wedding was a week ago and we've since returned to home, Roxi and our routine! Just a few photos from that week in May.

The Flyers are now competing for the Stanley Cup, but when they were still in the semi-finals, Gaby's school had a Flyers Day. She always loves an excuse to dress up or dress outrageously!!

Sunday the 23rd was Nick's confirmation. With all of the preparation involved in the two years leading up to it, I think Nick was just glad to have it behind him. It was a special morning.

Nick and his sponsor.

Monday was our book club meeting. This month's selection was The Girls, a book about conjoined twins. Julie decided to cleverly tie it in by hosting the meeting where she works, Moss Rehab. There was an art exhibit there All About Art  We toured the exhibit, displays of art by world class artists with physical disabilities. We then held our discussion in the board room. Julie and some other members are great at interpreting our books and incorporating things from them into our meetings. Me, I just like to find the latest and greatest goodies to try, from Trader Joe's. When we discussed the book The Help, which takes place in the south in the 60's, Kathy put together a selection of yummy munchies from that era. While no one complains when it's my turn to host,  I think we all look forward some meetings more than others!

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