Sunday, June 27, 2010

Off to West VA

Nick left this morning for our church's annual youth mission trip. This year's destination is West VA.  While the kids aren't excited about leaving behind their electronics -- mp3 players and cell phones -- they're looking forward to wrapping up the week with a white water rafting trip.

The whole group, kids and adult leaders. The Jacobys once again created fabulous shirts for the team.

Just the kids.

The adult leaders/chaperones. THEY'RE allowed to carry their cell phones!

Pastor Hy offered a send off blessing.

Some of the boys.

Final farewell at the airport. Can you spot Nick waving?

We got our phone chain call early this evening that they had arrived safe and sound. Four full days of mission work, a day of fun and a day to get home. God bless them all and keep them safe.

Now, if Nick were home, he'd probably be in his room. I don't see much of him when he is around, but that doesn't stop me from missing him! Can't WAIT for his return.

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