Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Wedding -- The Party!!

The reception was held at Fort Gibraltar, an actual restored fort. Last summer when we first met the bubs down under, I got this same shot of the two proud granddads and kiddies.

Gaby couldn't get enough lovin' on our little mini bride.

A few more poses for the official photographers.

Just look at her.

The groom and his proud Mum.

Time to party!!

Cousins. Thanks for the face Nick.

Nick and Gaby, with my Mom and Dad.

Now that Nathan's officially family, Pier's Mom presented him with the proper winter gear for Winnipeg, for future Christmas visits.

During Manon's speech, she invited Pier up for a dance, for old time's sake. Love these girls!

Their first dance, to Chris Isaak. Nice.

Everyone danced.

Dad and his daughters.

Pier and her girlfriends.

Dancing works up a thirst.

The wedding cake was an Australian mud cake.


The evening was a lovefest. I was touched by the speeches. Pier's Mom Louise acknowledged both her husband and myself as being important in the lives of her children. And so did Marc, thanking their stepfather, and me, the stepmother. Lots of emotion. Tears from those delivering the speeches. Both of the Moms and Dads spoke. Marc joked about all of the grandparents these bubs have, as both sides are divorced. I cried off all of my make up. Elise has the photos to prove it!

I recall someone being surprised at the people who were speaking to each other. People who, because of the rearrangements of the families, may have been aware of each other, but didn't really know each other. Whatever had transpired to that point, we had all come together because of our love for Pier and Nathan and their love for each other. I thought the night was just perfect!

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