Sunday, June 27, 2010

Manon Was Here

We had the pleasure of Manon's company for a brief three days last week. Her graduating class celebrated by embarking on a Carribbean cruise out of Miami. Instead of heading back to Winnipeg, she stopped here for a quick visit. Her timing was perfect -- she arrived Sunday evening, Father's Day, and returned to Winnipeg the day after Marc's birthday. Sweet and much too short!

Straight to Manyunk from the airport, for Father's Day dinner at a restaurant called Cooper's. Everything was really good. REALLY good!

So happy she's here!

The perfect end to Father's Day.

Swim lessons in the neighbour's pool.

Sleeping Beauty

Dinner . . .

. . . and a movie in the backyard. FINALLY got to see Avatar! But watching a long movie on the longest day of the year made for a late night!

Dinner at Tequila Joe's.

Marc LOVED his birthday gifts and the kids loved giving them!

The course Marc golfs at, has started a birthday dinner celebration each month to celebrate those born that month. They had the June dinner on Marc's actual birthday. His friend Avi, who's birthday is also the 23rd, joined us. There was even a birthday cake!

Before we knew it, Manon was jetting back to Winnipeg on an early morning flight. Glad you came sweetie, but sorry it couldn't be longer! Miss you big big big!!

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