Monday, June 7, 2010

What we did with 4 1/2 days in Winnipeg!

We usually visit Winnipeg in the summer or at Christmas. We're usually there for a week in the winter, close to two in the summer. Visiting in May is unheard of, especially now that Nick is in high school. He can fall behind too quickly. Gone are the days of pulling the kids out of school to join Marc on a business trip, or to extend a trip to Winnipeg.

This trip was special, and we were going to cram every bit of fun into those 4 1/2 days. We were there to celebrate Pier and Nathan's wedding, and the first birthday of their beautiful twins! It was also nice to get there within a week of my Dad's birthday. We're not usually together on the 21st of May anymore!

Our visit started with a bit of excitement. Of course. Never a dull moment with the Pelletiers.

I hope Gaby's not too embarassed with this story, but at least I know not to embarass her further with pictures! Gaby has always had a thing for visiting restrooms, public or private, wherever we are. This started once she was out of diapers and continues today. She went at the airport in Philly, on the plane to the Twin Cities, at the airport in Minneapolis, and on the flight to Winnipeg. While picking up our rental car in Winnipeg, I had to go, and she joined me. We like to do the girlfriend thing -- when one of us has to go, the other goes along! While sitting side by side with a wall between us, she yelled out that I had to look at her stomach. There was something on it.

For some reason I had pictured squashed food. A bit of something that we had munched on during the flight, that had made it's way down her shirt and had become smooshed against her tummy. She had had the opportunity to glance at her belly several times that morning, so I wasn't expecting anything dramatic. I was shocked when she lifted her shirt and was covered with spots! Her back too!

Since we had stayed in a hotel the night before, I considered the possibility of bed bugs. But I thought the pattern of the bites wasn't that which was usually associated with bed bugs. She's had a shot for chicken pox, but sometimes kids still get them.

Once we got to my Mom and Dad's, Gab jumped in the shower, lathered, soaped, shampooed, and put on all clean clothes. We tried to reach our newly minted doctor Manon, but couldn't.

I made a quick run to the grocery store with my Mom, and when we returned, Gaby was beside herself, as the possibility of chicken pox had been tossed about, and with that, the possibility of quarantine. No contact with the twins, hiding out in a corner at the wedding. To say she was not a happy camper is an understatement! I was upset, worried and so sad for Gaby.

I called our pediatrician's office. They confirmed no spike in chicken pox cases, but certainly couldn't rule it out for Gaby. They said someone had to see her to diagnose. A call to our health insurance company, cuz that's what you do in the US. We're only covered for emergencies out of the country, and if we considered this an emergency, then we should seek treatment.

In the meantime, we had photographed Gab's spots to email to Manon, Pier,  and their Mom Louise, who is a nurse. And the girls had returned, so Marc was on the phone with them. Manon's questions led her to ask if Gaby's spots followed the lines of a bathing suit. They did -- the one piece that she had worn several days earlier, several times. While frolicking in the hot tub that was being filled, heated, drained, and repeated. Part of breaking in the tub. And the water wasn't being treated. It appeared she had picked up some sort of skin affliction from bacteria in the water. Louise's brother, a doctor, also looked at the pictures, and, while not happy with diagnosing via the internet, did concur, based on what he saw, and her symptoms. No itch, a bit sore. Not spreading. He prescribed an antibiotic and topical antibiotic.

Gaby was on top of the world! Her mood did a complete one eighty! Seemed strange that someone would be so excited about living with spots for several days, but all she cared about was that she wasn't contagious. That she could hang out with the bubs. And that she would celebrate with everyone else at Pier and Nate's wedding!

And we did!!

Thursday, our first full day in Winnipeg, we left my parents' house to get to Marc's sister Louise's house for 9 a.m. She lives closer to Pier's Mom, so it was easier to Pier and Nathan to get the bubs to us that way, rather than driving across the city. They had errands in that end of town, so keeping the babysitters in that end made sense. And we would have driven anywhere for that time with them!

Even though we've seen photos and skyped, it was still a surprise to see them in person. How much they'd grown! More hair, more teeth, more bubs! So adorable! And so sweet!

Leaving us with instructions for naps and meals, Pier and Nathan couldn't stay for long, and the kids didn't seem to mind. A bit of a whimper from Kai, and that was it. And within a half hour . . .

. . . his morning nap atop Uncle Nick!

Grabbing some snuggles with Grand Pere.

Playing with Aunt Gaby.

Wakey wakey cutie pie!

She loves to walk with others, while her brother's already getting around on four or two, on his own!

Lovin' that smile!

More floor fun!

Pier said to just put them in the stroller for their naps, rock it a bit if they fussed, and they'd fall asleep. She knows what she's talking about!

I love the casual, arms behind the head position. They were both doing it, just not at the same time. Are they not the cutest?!

The pace wore some of us out. He's pretty cute sleeping too, isn't he?!

We had SO much fun hanging with the bubs! They're cute, sweet, funny, cuddly, easy going, adorable, and oh so much fun! And I realized how much they're just like their parents in that they're already the kind of people that others love to be around. We love them all, so much!

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