Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Wedding -- The Ceremony!!!

The weather cleared up, stayed cool and overcast, perfect for photos. The only evidence of the rain, besides the occasional puddle, was the sinking of my heels anytime I stepped off the path at Assiniboine Park.

Pier and Nathan traveled from Australia, as did some of Nathan's family and friends, including his parents. Holding the wedding in Winnipeg made it possible for guests to attend who might otherwise have not been able to, had they gotten married either down under, or somewhere in the middle. Marc thought Hawaii would have been a nice, central location. But in the end, many of us journeyed to Winnipeg to be with them on their special day. We would have traveled anywhere.

The ceremony was at 4 p.m. in the Leo Mol sculpture gardens, but even the beauty of that setting was diminished by the beauty of the bride. Breathtakingly beautiful and so obviously happy and in love!

Marc snapped this one as they were preparing to make their walk together.

Manon, beautiful sister, beautiful maid of honour.

I love this photo, which actually features all three Nathans: way back on the left, Nathan the best man, who traveled from AU to be with his mate, Nathan the groom, looking dashingly handsome in his wedding finery, Nathan the brother of the bride, all suited up to celebrate. Three blue-eyed Nathans, all at the same wedding. What are the odds of that?

Here comes the bride. And her proud Papa!

We were seated under a pergola, on the other side of this body of water, and we watched them walk 'round and come up behind us.

Even more beautiful close up!

They might have looked a little bit nervous, but they looked a lot more happy!

And in love.

Making it official.

The coloured sand on the table is the result of pouring from four different vessels of sand, each a different colour, each representing the four members of this family united as one.

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